How do I request an eGift voucher?

As soon as your balance meets the Minimum Payment (£5.00), you can choose to receive this amount in the form of an eGift voucher. eGift voucher payments under £20 do not incur a 5% processing fee.

Our eGift payment process is usually completed every other Thursday. Vouchers are sent out via email early the following week. So when you request your voucher, please allow up to 14 days to receive the email.

To request an eGift voucher:

1. In our eGift order email, click on the button ‘Cashout as eGift’

2. Fill in our survey to select the amount you wish to cash out as an eGift voucher. Make sure the amount you request is available to withdraw from your current accrued balance in the app.

3. Once we have processed your request, if you have sufficient funds in your account, you will be sent your unique eGift voucher URL via email.

Please note that if you choose to unsubscribe from receiving marketing emails then we will be unable to contact you to send you our eGift emails and you will miss out on the opportunity.

If you have any issues with the voucher that you receive, please contact the company of the voucher you have purchased directly.