How does the JustEat & Deliveroo cashback work?

Start earning 1% cashback on Deliveroo & Just Eat orders!

Simply enter your account details into the app to claim 1% cashback on Deliveroo and / or Just Eat.

Here's how it works:

1️⃣ Head to the App Store or Google Play and make sure you have the most up-to-date CheckoutSmart app:

2️⃣ Go to Account > Settings cog > Food Delivery settings > then enter your login credentials for the Food Delivery sites.

3️⃣ Go back to the offer list and pull down to refresh the feed.

4️⃣ Then you will see a Food Delivery prompt - you must click "Yes" to allow the receipt data to be collected.

5️⃣ We will be in contact later about the earned cashback value which will be added to your account balance!

Please note, you must have the mobile application to take part in the Food Delivery cashback programme, it is not available on the website.

Terms & Conditions

  • CheckoutSmart is offering the chance for members to earn 1% cashback of the total receipt value for Food Delivery orders from JustEat and Deliveroo, uploaded via the app.
  • All cashback will be added into the member's account balance, but the payment will be outside our normal process for cashback receipt uploads.
  • Members will need to enter their retailer login credentials into the “Food Delivery settings” section of the CheckoutSmart app to be able to add their receipts to our system.
  • This data is only stored on the member’s personal device in an encrypted file, CheckoutSmart does not store or retain any login credential data.
  • Members must agree to share their receipt data with CheckoutSmart when prompted, otherwise their receipts will not be shared.
  • The system reads 5 receipts at a time, so if you wish to enter more receipts you will need to confirm the prompt more than once. The number of times will depend on your receipt history.
  • The prompt will appear every time you refresh your offer feed, until this is amended in a future app update.
  • Each unique receipt will be counted only once to qualify for 1% cashback.
  • Eligible cashback claims must be from third-party delivery services Deliveroo and Just Eat only at this stage.
  • Entire receipt history will be eligible for cashback, with no limit on how far back the receipt date is.