How do I upload an online digital receipt?

With more retailers wanting to be eco-friendly, you may have noticed that fewer stores now provide paper receipts on delivery.

You can still upload digital receipts to CheckoutSmart, and there are a few methods available. We have put together a simple video showing you the best ways to upload your online receipt and claim your cashback!


How to upload a digital receipt:

There are a few ways to upload an online or digital receipt. The first thing to remember is that the images you upload must include:

  • The retailer name
  • Delivery date
  • Order confirmation number
  • Items claimed and the total receipt value

Please note: You can upload up to 4 images.

Method 1️⃣

If you have received a paper receipt on delivery, simply take an image of the entire receipt and upload as you normally would with an in-store receipt.

If you only have a digital receipt that has been emailed to you, there are a few things you can do.

Method 2️⃣

You can print the receipt, take a photo and upload it to the app or website.

Method 3️⃣

Use your phone to take a photo of the receipt on another device, like another phone or iPad for example. Then upload to the app or website.

Method 4️⃣

Take a screenshot of your receipt on any device e.g. phone, laptop, or tablet and upload to the website. This will only work on the website and not the app.