What should my receipt show?

To be awarded cashback, the receipt image you submit must:

  • Be entirely clear and visible
  • Clearly shows the Retailer name
  • Store name/location
  • Date and time of purchase/delivery
  • Payment details (last 4 digits/cash)
  • Item/brand/category description for all items purchased

Here's what it should look like:

  • Also, your receipt must not be marked, folded or partially obscured.
  • If the receipt is too long to fit into a single image or is double-sided, you may claim with a maximum of four images for each receipt. You must ensure that when submitting more than one image as part a claim that they have sufficient overlap to enable us to confirm they’re sections of the same receipt.
  • Your purchase must be from one of the listed retailers in the UK. Instore purchases must be made after the offer start date, and before the offer expiry date provided. Online purchases must be delivered after the offer start date, and before the offer expiry date provided.
  • You can redeem multiple offers with a single receipt. However, each receipt may only be used in claiming an individual offer a single time across the CheckoutSmart network which includes CheckoutSmart, cashback sites, brand sites and other partners.
  • All claims must be made within seven days of purchase.
  • If your receipt is submitted via the CheckoutSmart app within seven days of purchase but is rejected, you then have an unlimited amount of time to re-submit the receipt by e-mail to our Customer Support Team via
  • A maximum of three receipts per user will be rewarded per day.
  • Please allow up to 72 hours after submitting a receipt for your reward to track into your CheckoutSmart account.