How many offers can I claim?

Some of our offers are available to claim only once, but many can be claimed multiple times.

The number of times each offer can be claimed varies, and this is confirmed in the terms & conditions of each offer.

Tap on any offer in the "See offers" section to see the full terms & conditions relating to that offer.

If you choose to scan the product barcode, you can scan the product once and then alter the number of redemptions using the + and - buttons or scan the bar code multiple times to match the number you are claiming.

You can claim as many different CheckoutSmart offers as you like. Please note however that each member may only have a single CheckoutSmart account for their own personal use.

If you are not selecting with scanning, as part of the receipt upload process you’ll be asked to tick all the offers you wish to redeem.

If you are claiming multiple offers on a single receipt, you only need to upload the receipt once, but ensure you confirm the offer and the number of times you’re claiming that offer when asked during the upload process.

Offers which require multiple units to claim (eg. Buy 2 etc) must be purchased in a single transaction on a single receipt.